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Yard Waste/Brush Collection



In order to reduce the amount of compostable material directed to landfill, St. Clair Township provides yard waste collection (directed to the compost site) in the spring and fall  (see calendar for dates). During this collection period, paper bags or containers clearly marked with a large X must be used.

During time periods outside of yard waste collection dates, yard waste will be collected with the regular waste collection, subject to the 6 item limit. During this period of time, compost will be directed to landfill, not the compost site.Yard waste can continue to be placed in marked containers or compostable bags but it is not necessary at this time as yard waste will be directed to landfill

Residents will no longer be able to take yard waste directly to Sarnia Compost.


Please see our 2021 Recycling & Waste Calendar (April) for information on Yard Waste and Brush collection


Fall 2020 Yard Waste Collection will begin the week of October 19th, and ending the week of November 30th

Collection Days:


  • St Clair Parkway (South of Emily St., Mooretown)
  • Brigden, Courtright, Mooretown, Wilkesport
  • Sombra, Port Lambton, Chenal Ecarte, Leeland Gardens
  • Brush will be collected Nov 1st – there will be no yard waste collected this week


  • St Clair Parkway (North of Emily St., Mooretown)
  • Corunna (including Froomfield)
  • Brush will be collected Nov 4th – there will be no yard waste collected this week


As a reminder, yard waste in plastic bags will not be accepted during yard waste periods.


For further information call: St. Clair Township Public Works 519-867-2125