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Phone: (519) 867-2021

Office Hours
Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Public Works and Operations


Contact Public Works

E-mail address for public works:

Phone: (519) 867-2993

After hours emergency phone number: 1-888-441-4204


St. Clair Boulevard between Lyndoch Street and Bentinck Drive will be closed on May17th through May 20th for the installation of sanitary sewers and watermain.

 Construction crews will be watching for children traveling on foot or bicycle to school and will ensure they pass the construction site safely. Please use the sidewalk if available, or the grassed boulevard on the same side as the car wash.


  For all the latest notifications and updates, check out our page at

For information on water reporting, quality management operational plan, etc. please click here or on the water / sewer link on the main page of the web site.

Department Description

The huge job of maintaining and expanding the Township of St. Clair’s transportation and utilities infrastructure falls to the Public Works Department. The pavement under our feet, the water in our glasses, the guidance of traffic signals – all of these services and more are the product of the great people in this department. Their objective is to deliver cost-effective public works infrastructure and services to the Township to meet both current and future needs.

The Public Works Department is divided up into several functional units: An administrative arm, an Engineering Department and an Operations & Maintenance Division. The Operations and Maintenance Division has two public works garages, one just outside of Mooretown and one in Wilkesport.

Services provided by this department include water, sanitary and storm sewers, drainage, engineering, road maintenance, waste management, street lighting, sidewalks, and crossing guards.

White Line Bridge – Notice for Class Environmental Assessment

Please click here for important information from public works regarding an environmental study for the White Line Bridge.

Asset Management Plan

Please click here or on the link to the right for the Asset Management Plan for St. Clair Township.

Safe Winter Driving

Please click here for important information from public works on winter driving and parking restrictions.

Driveway Clearing

Please be reminded that it is in contravention to the Highway Traffic Act to deposit snow onto a roadway, and the safety of the traveling public can be jeopardized with unexpected snow deposits from driveway clearing operations. Thank you.

911 Address Signs

Ordering a 911 Sign for rural property

If you don’t have a 911 sign for your rural property, you can order one from the St Clair Township Public Works Department.  To order a sign, a completed application is required.

  • Please click here to download the application form


  • Forms are available at the Township office

Return completed forms and payment to St. Clair Township Public Works.

For more information, please contact the Township at 519-867-2125, or email

9-1-1 Request Form

Please note, if your 911 sign is damaged or stolen, it is your responsibility to replace it.