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Waste Collection

Waste collection responsibility is under the Department of Public Works and Operations. The Township of St. Clair is responsible and provides waste collection and recycling collection and disposal, while the County of Lambton is responsible for waste disposal including landfill sites (for more information on County landfill sites please see below).


General Inquires and questions regarding Waste and Recycling  – please call St. Clair Township Civic Centre 519-867-2993 

For further information:

Waste Management (WM) has the contract for garbage and compost collection

  • Questions and/or concerns if wanting to contact WM directly – please call 519-882-4288 x232

Emterra Environmental has the recycling contract for collection, processing and marketing 

  • Questions and/ or concerns if wanting to contact Emterra directly – please call 1866-628-0735

Residential Recycling & Waste Calendar

Please click  here for the 2021 Recycling & Waste Calendar for information on waste collection.

Thank you, for your continued support of our Waste Reduction Program.