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Fire Safety Plans

It is important as an owner of a building, property or business in Ontario that you are aware of your requirements under the Ontario Fire Code. One of these requirements is to ensure that you have an approved Fire Safety Plan for specific properties or occupancies.A fire safety plan is a document that contains information specific to the building as it relates to building construction and fire safety features. It also contains fire safety information and fire emergency evacuation procedures for the occupants and supervisory staff in the building.

A fire safety plan is required in buildings containing a:

  • Assembly occupancy
  • Care occupancy, care and treatment occupancy, detention occupancy and retirement home
  • Residential where the occupant load exceeds 10 people
  • Offices where the occupant load exceeds 300 people
  • Stores and businesses where the occupant load exceeds 300 people
  • High hazard industrial buildings where the occupant load exceeds 25 people
  • Medium hazard industrial buildings where the occupant load exceeds 100 people
  • Low hazard industrial buildings where the occupant load exceeds 300 people

A fire safety plan also applies to buildings or premises:

  • Containing four stories or more, including stories below grade
  • Outdoor tire storage yards
  • Buildings and open areas where the quantities of flammable and combustible liquids exceeds 500 litres in total, or exceeds 250 litres of Class I liquids
  • Laboratories
  • Hazardous extraction operations
  • Boarding, lodging and rooming houses
  • Used as a convalescent home or children’s custodial home providing sleeping accommodations for more than three people
  • Buildings that have a contained use area or an impeded egress zone
  • Recreational camps regulated under the Health Protection and Promotion Act

There are no specific requirements identifying who may develop and submit a fire safety plan. Many owners develop and submit their own fire safety plans while others chose to hire contractors to assist them with the process.  If you don’t have experience in writing a fire safety plan or property management, we recommend that you hire a contractor for assistance.

Every building or business is unique, and every plan is unique. Ensure that information including maintenance items is reflective of the conditions at your property. As the owner you are responsible to ensure its accuracy and for fully implementing the plan that you have submitted for approval. We have added useful information in the section on “how to create a fire safety plan”. Use the information as a guide only.

The fire safety plan template has been created to assist building owners and supervisory staff in preparing a Fire Safety Plan, to achieve compliance with the Ontario Fire Code. Please use the template as a guide only and customize the information to reflect your property and existing fire protection system installed and existing fire hazards. The Fire Safety Plan must be customized to fit the requirements of your building. Plans that are not customized will not be approved. Should you require assistance while preparing your plan, please call the Fire Department at 519-481-0111

  1. 10 Step Guide to Developing a Fire Safety Plan
  2. Fire Safety Plan Template
  3. Spill Procedure Template

What if my building is mixed use?

When it is determined that you have an occupancy that meets the criteria for requiring a fire safety plan the plan must be developed for the building. As an example, this means that a small apartment building which would normally not require a plan would now need one because a portion of the building now includes a small restaurant with 40 seats.

Because of the complexity of these plans, you may wish to consider hiring a professional with the preparation of these more complex plans.

Fire safety plans are required to incorporate all uses and occupancy types in the building.

All fire safety plans are required to be approved by the Chief Fire Official. The Chief Fire Official is Fire Chief in most municipalities however they have the authority to delegate this authority in writing. If your fire safety plan does not bear the signature of the Chief Fire Official, it is not approved and as such you are in contravention of the Ontario Fire Code.

There are three ways to submit the required plans:

  1. Email your plan to Fire Department.
  2. Drop off two (2) copies to St. Clair Fire Department at 392 Lyndoch Street in Corunna
  3. Mail two (2) copies to St. Clair Fire Department, 392 Lyndoch Street, Corunna, Ontario N0N 1G0