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Committee of Adjustment Member closing July 16, 2021

Committee of Adjustment Member closing July 16, 2021

Township of St. Clair
Committee of Adjustment Member Vacancy
St. Clair Township Council is inviting any interested candidates to apply to fill a vacancy on its Committee of Adjustment. The Committee of Adjustment is an independent body appointed by Council under authority granted by the Province of Ontario. The Committee has seven members (currently six) who are all residents of St. Clair Township.
The Committee of Adjustment is authorized by the Planning Act to consider applications for:

• Minor Variances from the Township’s Zoning By-law
• Extensions, enlargements or variations of existing legal non-conforming uses under the Zoning By-law
• Consents (severances)
• Certificate of Validation
The Committee has approximately 12 afternoon meetings per year to hear applications and makes decisions on planning issues such as severances and minor variances to the Township Zoning By-law. Interested applicants can direct inquiries or written applications to the Clerk’s Department, 1155 Emily Street, Mooretown, ON, N0N 1M0 or 519-867-2021 or by email:
Deadline for submission is 4:00 p.m., July 16, 2021.

Carlie McClemens
Deputy Clerk/Coordinator of Planning