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AODA Accessibility Plan Annual Status Report 2019

AODA Accessibility Plan Annual Status Report 2019


This Accessibility Status Report is the annual update on the progress of the measures taken within the Township of St. Clair to improve accessibility and implement the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) and the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (Ontario Regulation 191/11). This Status Report includes the accessibility initiatives that were completed in 2019 to implement the strategies outlined in the Township of St. Clair’s Multi-Year Accessibility Plan. The purpose of this Status Report is to make the public aware of the progress with regards to the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.
Commitment to Accessibility
The Township of St. Clair is committed to eliminating barriers and improving access for persons with disabilities by providing its citizens with an inclusive accessible community through its passage and adoption of strategies and policies that promote dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity for all citizens.
The Township of St. Clair will continue to work under the legislative frameworks of the AODA, the Ontario Human Rights Code, 1990 and other associated pieces of legislation to ensure that compliance with accessibility standards is achieved.
Achievements and Successes
Legislative Compliance:

– Passage and adoption of the Township of St. Clair Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.
– Township Council passed a motion to initiate the process for a Township wide Strategic Plan, which will include strategies to ensure sustainable accessibility in future development and re-development.
– Providing employees with Individual Accommodation plans where needed and consulted on such each year during Performance Reviews.
– Posting all Job Opportunities in accessible formats, and making all formats available for potential interviews.

Community Mobility

– Continued installation of accessible sidewalks and curb cuts.
– Installation of audible signals and textured platelets at traffic lights
– Replaced patio stones with smooth concrete at Clock Tower in Corunna
– Continued accessibility audit of municipal buildings and facilities.
– Paved the walkway to washrooms at parks along the St. Clair River

Access to Recreation

– Installed automated doors at the Moore Sports Complex
– Fully accessible washroom installed at the Moore Sports Complex
– Accessible fieldhouse – including barrier free washrooms – installed at Wilkesport Park
– Replaced playground equipment at three local parks with new facilities that included accessible features
– Replaced three sets of swing sets with new ones featuring barrier-free equipment
– Paved the walkways at Courtright Park to the washrooms, spray pad, playground and washrooms
Meeting and Event Accessibility

– Improved technology in the Council Chambers to make meetings more accessible to the public
Additional Achievements

– Achieved the introduction of a separate line-item in the annual Capital Budget dedicated to accessibility upgrades for all Township buildings/programs/properties.
Goals and Next Steps for Accessibility

– Ensure the Township of St. Clair continues to meet compliance with the AODA, its regulations and all other related pieces of legislation.
– Review Township of St. Clair policies and practices to ensure accessibility compliance.
– Strive to ensure that new facilities, programs and services are designed and created with accessibility features incorporated.
– Continue to develop resources and training materials for staff. Volunteers and contractors and promote awareness and education regarding accessibility requirements and obligations throughout the corporation.
– Work with corporate departments to explore new and innovative ways to remove and prevent barriers to access.

The 2021 year will require the development and adoption of a new Multi-Year Accessibility Plan which will be done by the Accessibility Committee in conjunction with Directors of Corporate Departments.