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Mayoral Message in regards to the Covid-19 Situation January 15, 2021

Mayoral Message in regards to the Covid-19 Situation January 15, 2021

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Township of St. Clair

January 15, 2021

To all Residents of St. Clair Township,

This week marks almost a year since the first deaths from Covid 19 were discussed in the mainstream media and the ramifications it could cause once it arrives in North America. So much has changed since then with impacts on our lives both nationally and locally. Last night I was involved in a conference call with Premier Ford, Minister Clark, Deputy Premier/Minister of Health Elliott, General Hillier and Solicitor General Jones discussing the vaccine roll out status.
Total roll out plans are to be completed and approved by February 15th• Soon we will have the first two types of vaccines being rolled out in Lambton County including St Clair Twp. The Lambton County Health Unit will be in charge of the implementation of the Provincial roll out priority for our residents. We are currently injecting 15,000 people a day in the Province at 196 locations, and within 96 hours the capacity will be up to 30000 injections a day.
The phase 1 group of vaccinations includes over 1.5 million people in the Provincial hot spots, in remote communities, in Long Term Care Homes, Health Care Workers, the most vulnerable and their care givers are amongst the first in the Province to be vaccinated. Generally all LTC homes should start the vaccination process by February 15th. Vaccinations will be given in fixed facilities as well as mobile facilities each with professional Injection Teams. As of yesterday, the phase 1 group, 160,000 vaccines have been injected and 10,000 have received their second injection. The limiting factor in all of the vaccination process is receiving the Provincial allocation from the Federal Government.
Phase 2 will be in April /May/ June, this will include 7 million people consisting of Essential/Emergency workers, such as doctors, nurses, paramedics and volunteer firefighters as well as the previously released first age dependent groups of 80 years of age and older. The Federal Government has pledged at least 15 million vaccinations for this time frame. In order to ramp up quantities of vaccinations injected, select Pharmacies and Family Physicians, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Medical

Students and Interns will be asked to help administer the injections. This should help ramp up the injections to between 750,000 and 1 million a week.
It is projected that Phase 3 will be started in early August depending on the vaccine availability. By that time there could be 4 or 5 more types of vaccines available.
There were a number of questions addressed ……

It was stated that drive through injection sites are not part of the grouping at this time because of the logistics of having to monitor a person for 15 minutes after the injection. Those that have had Covid already will still be vaccinated. The vaccination interval between injections will not be increased at this time.
For those that are not acting in compliance to the Provincial Order, people have been asked to call the OPP if there are more than 5 people gathering and the Health Unit in regards to a facility or people not wearing masks. Under no circumstance are we to call 911 in regards to the Provincial Order.
Premier Fords asked us as Mayors and Councils to do whatever we can to support the rollout of the vaccine with the Health Unit and encourage all our residents to receive the vaccination in order to eliminate the threat of the Covid 19 virus. His final words were for everyone was to stay home, stay safe, save lives!!!!
Be assured that critical supply chain infrastructure such as the water and sewer systems, grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and other commercial venues will stay open for business and be able to supply the needs of our residents throughout this time. Patience is the key for all of us. Our Emergency Response Personnel, Fire, Police, Paramedics and Public Works will also continue to provide assistance as they are needed.
The Twp office and most of our facilities continue to be closed to the public. However, Staff can be accessed by appointment for planning needs that are urgent.
We continue to conduct Twp Council, County Council and other committees that Council is responsible for electronically by Zoom. The Province once again has enacted a State of Emergency as of Thursday January 14th. I have asked our Clerk to post the legislation on our Covid Site.
On behalf of all of us on Council, I say thank you to everyone for doing their part to defeat the Virus. I also want to publically thank all our Senior Management Team for their leadership, the Employees of the Twp for their care and concern for the health of those around them. They continue to complete their work diligently and safely in a very concerning and stressful time. They, like everyone else are balancing so many emotions and responsibilities during this time and I ask that all of us be respectful and patient when you call and discuss issues with them. I also ask the members of the Public to call the

MPPs office in regards to issues caused by restrictions that are in place or for clarifications of any legislation that is affecting us during this Virus Crisis. They are the ones that control the openings and all legislation dealing wlth the response to Covid.
I just want to once again say thank you to everyone for their patience and willingness to do whatever is necessary to bring us out of this situation stronger and more resilient than ever before. I would like to encourage everyone to pack their patience when you are out and about. Please show your hearts kindness and be pleasant with each other, we need to nourish each other and not be critical at this time. I know it has been a long journey and yet we are now able to see the tide shifting with the administering of the vaccines.
Be sure to thank (indirectly of course) all those around you that are serving us all so well and unselfishly.
Take time to wash your hands often, look out for each other, wear a mask and above all else stay safe, stay home as much as possible, stay socially distant and get the vaccine when it becomes available to us in St Clair Twp……know also, that our thoughts and prayers are with all of youl
On behalf of all of us in St Clair Twp, I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2021!1

Mayor Steve Arnold