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Mayoral Message in regards to the Covid-19 Situation October 8, 2020

Mayoral Message in regards to the Covid-19 Situation October 8, 2020

Township of St. Clair

October 8, 2020

To the Residents of St. Clair Township

St Clair Twp Mayoral Message in regards to the Covid-19 Situation Oct 8/20

As we complete the warm weather months and are on the cusp of Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for. As of late last night, there are no active Covid cases in Lambton County. We haven’t had a hospitalization case or a death in Lambton County since early June. This is only because of the strong leadership of our MOH and the continued dedication of all of our community to stay safe and follow the recommended guidelines and legislated requirements of dealing with the Covid pandemic. We are still in very challenging times. There have been so many closures and postponements that have made this a very strange number of months and now this weekend, that always provided so many of us with the Brigden Fair experience, a real change for us all. The largest event in our Municipality has been postponed till 2021 after 170 years offamily fun times.
Many of the Twp facilities already have opened with restrictions and others are slowly opening to try to help everyone have an outlet for exercise of our body, mind and spirit which hopefully will help our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing for all of us, but, especially our children to have a fun filled fall. Things continue to evolve as the Province re-opens schools etc. I believe that everyone has been very cooperative and understands why things in the Twp are moving as slowly as they are.
I left the following information in from the last few notes, as I have had additional questions in regards to what is legislated for individuals and businesses. There are only three public compliance orders that have been issued by Provincial or Federal legislation for individuals. The hope is that through education and reminders that individuals will comply. However if not, individuals could be fined or even receive jail time if non-compliance persists in these areas:
1) Not self-quarantining for 14 days when returning to Canada, reporting is done by calling–1-888-502-9060
2) Being open for business when you are not following Provincial legislation–reporting is done by calling 1-888-310-1122-Provincial

3) Group gathering of more than 10 people not from the same household–reporting is done by calling 1-888-310-1122-Provincial
Social distancing or staying home whenever possible is not legislated but is still a strong recommendation from our Public Health Officials. We are seeing the positive results from everyone following these recommendations. It has been proven that these responses to the COVID-19 Virus are very successful in slowing and could eventually eliminate the continued transmission.
Be assured that critical supply chain infrastructure such as the water and sewer systems, grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and other commercial venues will stay open for business and be able to supply the needs of our residents throughout this time. Patience is the key for all of us. Our Emergency Response Personnel, Fire, Police, Paramedics and Public Works will also continue to provide assistance as they are needed.
The Twp office continues to be closed to the public. However, Staff can be accessed by appointment for planning needs that are urgent.
We continue to conduct Twp Council, County Council and most other committees that Council is responsible for electronically. The Province ended the State of Emergency in late July, but put in legislation that incorporates many of the same directives that were in place during the Provincial State of Emergency. However, the Twp is still under the declared Lambton County State of Emergency order.
On behalf of all of us on Council, I say thank you to everyone, for doing their part to defeat the Virus. I also want to publically thank all our Senior Management Team for their leadership, the Employees of the Twp for their care and concern for the health of those around them. They continue to complete their work diligently and safely in a very concerning and stressful time. They, like everyone else are balancing so many emotions and responsibilities during this time and I ask that all of us be respectful and patient when you call and discuss issues with them. I also ask the members of the Public to call the MPPs office in regards to issues caused by restrictions that are in place or for clarifications of any legislation that is affecting us during this Virus Crisis.
They are the ones that control the openings and all legislation dealing with the response to Covid.
I just want to once again say thank you to everyone for their patience and willingness to do whatever is necessary to bring us out of this situation stronger and more resilient than ever before. I would like to encourage everyone to pack their patience when you are out and about. Continue to be kind to each other and if physically able to wear a mask or some type of mouth and nose covering when you are out and about. The

Province has now legislated mandatory mask wearing indoors in public places because of their JE;!ars that the second wave of Covid has arrived.
Be sure to thank (indirectly of course} all those around you that are serving us all so well and unselfishly. Take time to wash your hands often, look out for each other and above all else stay safe, stay home as much as possible and stay socially distant as we navigate through this COVID-19 Situation… know also, that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and trust that we will be back to normal soon…..
On behalf of all of us in St Clair Twp, I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving!!


Mayor Steve Arnold