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Mooretown ON
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Phone: (519) 867-2021

Office Hours
Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Discovering and preseMJing our h eritage .
erita e St. Clair
Heritage St. Clair is a co1u1uittee comprised of volunteers advising St. Clair Township Council on township heritage sites, based on the Ontario Heritage Act. These sites may be identified based on architecture, natural features, hu1nan endeavours , historical achievement or activity.
Executi,·e Officers: Dave Pattenden – Chair Bob Nicol- Vice-Chair Ian Mason – Secretary Jan Stnith – Treasurer Bill Myers – Councillor

Committee Members:
Bob Goodearle Leo Griffiths Paul Smith Dave Taylor Mike Walton

Heritage St. Clair
c/o JefIBaranek, Duputy Clerk 1155 Emily Street
Mooretown.. ON NON lM0 Phone: 519-867-2021 Fax:519-867-5509