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Heritage Corner (August, 2020)

Heritage Corner (August, 2020)

Sad day for Sombra as The Daldean pulls away from dock for the last time
Early on Monday, July 6, 2020, The Daldean pulled away from the Som- bra ferry dock and headed downriver for the last time. As it disappeared into the distance, it ended an era that spanned over
70 years and five genera- tions of the Dalgety fami- ly.

Kailyn Shepley, curator of the Sombra Museum, was on the shore to wit- ness the dawn departure. “It was quite a sad day, yet it was exciting to hear the thrum of the Daldean’s engine again and see her move out into the channel one last time,” she said.
She says there were spectators and vehicles lining the river all the way to Brander Park. “I over- heard people sharing
memories of the ferry and some actually shouted out

In the early morning light, The Daldean pulls away from the dock for the last time.

“goodbye” to it…Just after 5:30 a.m., they (the Dalgetys aboard the ferry) blasted out a salute on the horn and many vehicles honked and people whistled in response…I was touched to see how many people came out at dawn to see it off.” She observed that almost all of the people along the shore maintained physical distancing. The Daldean also sounded its horn as it passed Port Lambton

on its way to its new home at Boblo Island.
After downloading some of her photos and a video of the ferry leaving the dock to Facebook, Kailyn says the photos were viewed by 2,600 people and the video at- tracted about 2,400 viewers. “People are sharing memo- ries and commenting quite a bit about our ferry,” she said.

The St. Clair River Trail Facebook page and website has added a new promotional video to its photo archive. The natural beauty of the trail comes alive on the screen. And while you’re look- ing at the video and submitted photographs, why not send us some of the shots you’ve taken while enjoying the trail? Like the St. Clair River Trail on Facebook and message us your pictures.
Check out Trail Facebook page, video, & website

A bicycle brigade speeds along the St. Clair Parkway near Cathcart Park. Bonnie Stevenson photo

Plant sale a blooming success – seeds available
The Port Lambton 200th Anniversary celebration plant sale has been a blooming success! Over 400 min- iature sunflower plants and 550 sunflower seed packets have been sold and the remaining packets are at Shaykin Bait Variety Store. Anyone wishing to obtain a free packet can drop in and get one. The committee would appreciate having photos of the plants that have bloomed sent in to be shared on the Port Lambton Facebook page.

A St. Clair Township Heritage Moment
Threshing time at John Peter Taylor’s farm – 2nd Line of Moore (now Oil Springs Line)

Photo courtesy of Moore Museum

Wanted: Motivated youth looking for rewarding challenges
The Royal Canadian “1st Hussars” Army Cadet Corps Petrolia invites boys and girls ages 12-18 to learn new skills, marks- manship, orienteering, hiking, leadership, pipes and drum band, and teamwork, participate in many new challenges, make new friends and attend great summer camps, all at no cost. Cadets are not required to join the military. Join us today! For more in- formation, call 519-332-6555 or visit: