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Heritage Corner (June, 2020)

Heritage Corner (June, 2020)

Sunny June day just right for picnics and holiday fun

A warm June day in the late 19th and 20th centuries provided the perfect set- ting for students and staff to celebrate the end of the school year and the begin- ning of summer holidays. School sections near the St. Clair River in the former Moore Township celebrated these occasions with a picnic on Stag Island.
The Moore Museum collection includes several ribbons that served as souvenirs of these events. An example of one of these ribbons, shown right, is from the 1900 Seckerton School picnic (School Section #12, Moore, a.k.a. Booth ’s School, which was located on the southwest corner of Moore Line and Ladysmith Road).
Sunday School picnics were also popular and very well attended, as evi- denced by the above photo of the Sixth Line Methodist Church Sunday School picnic from 1893. (The church was located in Seckerton, one sideroad east of the school.)
~Photos and information from the Moore Museum Collection