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Heritage Corner (November, 2021)

Heritage Corner (November, 2021)

The Beacon of St. Clair Township November 2021 Page 12

The extensive archival resources at the Lambton County Archives can now be accessed via a virtual service. The service also allows patrons access to the researchers and genealogists who can facilitate family, property, and his- torical searches.
Virtual appointments must be booked in advance with the Archivist. They will include two 15-minute video or telephone meetings, and one hour of research time. The Archivist will also assist by reviewing research and an- swering questions. The cost is $20 for members and $40 for non-members, which includes 1.5 hours of research support. Additional research time can be purchased as required.
Those who wish to be introduced to the various online genealogical and lo- cal history resources can ask to be in- troduced to AncestryLibrary, Onland, and other programs.
To book appointments or make a reservation, visit the Lambton County Archives website.

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Newly updated Heritage St. Clair page features map showing historic plaques and storyboards situated throughout the township
Heritage St. Clair has updated its page on the St. Clair Township website, and one of the features now on view St. Clair Township’s Historic Points of Interest map. This interactive map points out the locations of these colourful and educational installations and includes photographs of them so you’ll be sure not to miss them. Here’s a link you can use to go directly to St. Clair Township’s Historical Points of Interest page:

St. Clair Township’s Historical Points of Interest

See More Heritage, page 13

The Beacon of St. Clair Township November 2021 Page 13

From page 12

Stag Island was a holiday destination for city dwellers

Stag Island as it is today.

Stag Island, now a cozy summer cottage retreat, was once a summer holiday destination for city dwellers like Windsor and Detroit who reached the island via steam ships like the Tashmoo and the Greyhound. Local resi- dents could ride from Corunna to the island on a steam yacht owned by the David family. This turn-of-the-20th century resort island boasted a 103-room hotel, up to 23 cottages, beaches, and sports and amusement areas that included tennis, croquet, boating and fishing. A second 100-room hotel was soon built, and all park buildings were illuminated with electric lighting. But after WWI, the island’s popularity began to wane and not even the

lure of lower accommodation rates could save it from falling on hard times, even when a roller coaster was built in the 1920s.
Cottages and land were soon on sale and through the years, the island’s landscape was transformed into the idyllic scene we see in the aerial photo above. Stag Is- land, named for the deer that once lived there, is a Cana- dian island that has many American seasonal residents and is overseen by the Stag Island Fraternal Fellowship Association.
~Background information courtesy Moore Museum
Mike Coene photo, Bluewater Drone Pix

Moore Museum seeks information about history of old Moore Township schools
Moore Museum continues to accept information for a virtual exhibit for the museum’s website. It will feature brief histories and photos of the schools in the former Moore Township prior to centralization in 1963. There were 19 school sections in Moore, four of which were union schools – two shared with Sombra Township and two with Sarnia Township. To see the map that indicates where the schools were located, see the March or April 2021 Beacon (can be found on the St. Clair Township website– click on The Beacon). It can be accessed, along with further information, by going online the St. Clair Township website home page. Click on The Beacon, top right of the page. ~Laurie Mason, curator, Moore Museum