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Heritage Corner (January, 2021)

Heritage Corner (January, 2021)

The Beacon of St. Clair Township January 2021 Page 8
Please help the Sombra Museum preserve memories of this
sad time in our history.
So often, when looking through the archives we get very excited to find the shortest photo caption, post card, note, or on
rare occasions, a diary recording daily life. Looking for local accounts of the 1919 Spanish Flu pandemic and finding very little
from the local perspective, we realized that we need our St.
Clair Township residents to help us record and preserve memories of the present time for future generations. What is going on
day-to-day in Sombra, Wilkesport, Port Lambton, Mooretown,
Lambton County, Canada, and elsewhere in the world?
Information we hope you will share includes:
* Shopping conditions and how they changed over time.
* Adapting to working at home, and any challenges or
creative solutions that were needed.
* Financial challenges.
* Feelings caused by the outbreak and thoughts about social
* Keeping children occupied during self-isolation.
* Keeping adults occupied during self-isolation.
* What new or newly rediscovered hobbies or crafts were
taken up .
* Stories from workers on the front lines and staffing essential
* Struggles of family members or friends infected with the
* Stories of everyday heroes, i.e. people helping neighbours
during self-isolation or people accepting inconveniences
for the greater good.
* How daily life and routines have changed.
* For those who lived through the Great Depression, World
War II, etc., are there similarities to those experiences?
* How social media and technology is impacting life in social
isolation (using technology for the first time, using it
Photos, videos, drawings, anecdotes, a few jotted thoughts –
we want all the family-friendly material you feel comfortable
sharing (no explicit material).
Submissions can be sent by email to: with the subject line
“COVID-19 History Snapshot”.
Sombra Museum seeks information/photos to document COVID-19
Bear Creek Cemetery Company
Bear Creek Cemetery has submitted by-laws to the Registrar of the Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act, 2002. Any
interested parties may contact Russell Marsh at 519-331-1798 for information or to make copies. By-laws or amendments may be
reviewed or copied at 3393 Telfer Road, Mooretown, Ontario. These by-laws are subject to the approval of the Registrar, Funeral,
Burial, and Cremation Services Act, 2002. Contact can be made by telephone to: Bereavement Authority of Ontario, 647-483-2645
or 1-844-493-6356.
General Store windows
decorated with vintage
toys for good girls and
With the pandemic keeping Moore Museum closed, December 2020 was very different from the usual year,
when hundreds of students would visit to view the decorations, pull taffy, and create a craft. But COVID-19 wasn’t enough to stop the museum staff from sharing some
old-school good cheer with the community.
Museum staff simply moved the season outdoors for the
community to experience safely. Visitors peering in the
windows saw holiday scenes that provided the perfect
backdrops for family outings and family photos.
Moore Museum photo
Holiday windows
The Beacon of St. Clair Township January 2021 Page 9
Moore Museum seeks information about history of former Moore Twp. schools
Did you attend a school in the former Moore Township prior to 1963?
Moore Museum is developing another virtual exhibit for our website, this one featuring brief histories and photos
of the schools in the former Moore Township prior to centralization in 1963. There were 19 school sections in Moore,
four of which were union schools – two shared with Sombra Township and two with Sarnia Township. The map,
shown above, indicates the location of these schools.
If you have information on the history of any of these schools, or photos (or scans of photos) that you would be
willing to share with us, we’d love to hear from you. We would appreciate details about any school in the township,
but especially School Sections #6, #13 and #19 Moore, as our research files contain some information for most of the
school sections in the township, but we have no information at all for those three. Information can be sent to We look forward to hearing from you!
Connect with Moore Museum
We want to hear from you. Please follow the link on the home page of to our online survey. We very much appreciate input from our community and, as a thanks for your assistance, survey respondents
will be entered in a draw (to be held on November 13, 2020) to win a 2021 family membership and $25 gift shop gift
certificate. In addition to our website and our Facebook page at, we are now also
on Instagram @mooremuseum so you can watch for news from Moore Museum.
~Laurie Mason, curator, Moore Museum
The Beacon of St. Clair Township January 2021 Page 10
All the best for 2021 to everyone in
St. Clair Township

~From the volunteers and staff at the Moore Museum
Post card carries
good wishes
This post card from the
Moore Museum archives once
carried good wishes from
Brigden to Wheeler, Ontario.
1910 was an auspicious year
for St. Clair Township (then
Sombra Township) with the
opening of the Pardee post
office at Lot 30, Concession 6.
During the early 1900s, the
opening of a post office was
often a sign that a hamlet or
village was in the making.
1910 also marked the beginning of a newspaper called
the Courtright and Moore Sun,
published by J.W. Kedwell,
publisher of the Petrolia Topic .
The COVID-19 pandemic
has once again closed down
the Moore Sports Complex
(due to the latest provincial
lockdown), and the closure
means that the pool and Rink
2 is out of operation.
But the temporary opening
in the fall allowed the restart
of some programs, including
the Parent and Tot swim.
The Beacon was allowed to
document one of these happy
sessions in early December.
Here’s a wet and wild visit
with the water babies and
their moms.
A group of moms and their
babies enjoy some watery
fun and exercise during a
recent Parent and Tot session (see more on page
Stevenson photo
Moore Sports Complex closed again