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Review of John C. Carter’s Piratical Doings on the River St. Clair by David McLean

Review of John C. Carter’s Piratical Doings on the River St. Clair by David McLean

Heritage St. Clair
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1155 Emily Street Mooretown, On N0N 1M0
Discovering and Preserving Our Heritage

Heritage St. Clair is about to release our long awaited book titled, Piratical Doings on the River St.Clair, Some Reflections on the 1838 Upper Canadian Rebellion. This book is a researched based account of the raids of 1838. It is sometimes hard to imagine that the St. Clair River was the site of armed conflict. The St. Clair River, where we sail, swim, fish and boat along this very shore, back on 1838, was the site of armed invaders from the United States attacking our very shores of what is now known as St. Clair Township.
The years 1837-38 were marred by the Upper Canadian Rebellion, also known as the Farmer’s Rebellion, and the American Patriot Wars. Much has been written about this conflict, with the exception of the raids across our River St. Clair. This new book, both entertaining and factual, finally brings this story to print so everyone can read about this exciting time of tense conflict between the Unites States and Canada.
Dr. John Carter, East York historian and author, compiled this account. He felt this element of local history was under researched and poorly documented. This story would soon be left to dusty old file cabinets. Dr. Carter, through his friendship with the late Al Anderson, one of the key volunteers with Sombra Museum, donated the book to Heritage St. Clair. HSC’s mission was to put a little polish on it, add some exciting illustrations, publish and distribute it. For this donation, we are grateful to Dr.
You can now look forward to sitting back and enjoying the story of armed conflict on the shores of St. Clair Township.
The first edition is limited to 120 copies.
Copies are $45.00, tax included, postage is extra. Payments will be processed through St. Clair Township Municipal Office. Local pick ups will be arranged on an individual basis. These arrangements and limitations are due to Governmental Covid guidelines and restrictions. Details for all orders, delivery methods and payment instructions can be arranged by contacting Heritage St.
Clair at the email,
There will be a book signing by author, Dr. John Carter, at Sombra Museum at a later date after all Covid-19 precautionary protocols have been lifted. However, anyone interested in obtaining a copy is
strongly encouraged to purchase one as soon as possible due to the book’s limited first edition run. Let us know when you order the book if you would like to be contacted when the date of the official book launch has been determined so that you can get Dr. Carter to sign your book for you.
John C. Carter, Piratical Doings on the River St. Clair, St. Clair Township, ON. Heritage St. Clair, Corporation of the Township of St. Clair, 2020, 100 ills., 174 pgs. ISBN 978-1-7772622-0-4.