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An update from LAWSS (Lambton Ara Waster Supply System)

An update from LAWSS (Lambton Ara Waster Supply System)

Hello Everyone,
Please be advised that there continues to be no imminent impact to LAWSS Operations or the supply of potable water for those that rely on LAWSS. The Operator is prepared to roll out local contingency planning as needed if the situation evolves.
An enhanced workstation cleaning SOP has been implemented by the Operator.
Cots are being setup at the WTP to allow the Operator some additional flexibility in how to deploy its staff if the need arises. Cots are being provided by the County of Lambton CEMC Group.
LAWSS Facilities continue to be restricted to non-essential personnel. All site meetings related to LAWSS capital or major maintenance projects continue to be postponed.
Please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, in addition to a weekly update, be assured that you will be immediately notified of any type of escalation that is expected to impact the operation of the system.
Thank you,
Clinton Harper
General Manager
Lambton Area Water Supply System

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